Some notes about Amores Perros (2000)

This isn’t a review it’s just a small notes about my beloved and the most favorite movie of one of my favorite directors, Alejandro González Iñárritu. It’s unbelievable that this movie was his debut.

The movie discuss the love as a concept and how it’s destroying. It shows three different stories which the cruelty of love will interconnect them in the most brutal way. The love of another woman, the love of your brother, the love of your daughter are all the main driving motives for Amores Perros characters. Hearts were broken, dreams were shattered and hope was obliterated.

Dogs were essential in Amorres Perros, in fact Perros means dog in Spanish in a humiliating way. The dogs reflected its owners mind. One dog drifted away from the domestic peaceful life into the underground business of dogs fight, another dog fell under the floor and never came back and the last one killed all its mates.

The fights between dogs symbolized the cruelty of love, the way the dog puts its teeth into another dog neck and ruthlessly bite and cut analogous to love.

It was fascinating to see those stories being told and portrayed and how they collided into a single point. It was also fascinating hearing those repeated sorrowful guitar notes while the characters suffer from the canines of love.


I need sometime to regain my basic human functionality.